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My 7 Healthy Snacks On The Go | Dr Mona Vand

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  1. Chia seeds scare me🤣😩read a story about a guy that ate some, then drank some water, ended up in the ER because the chia seeds inflated in his esophagus😩😩

  2. I really like your videos and those are great and helpful. But most of the times the products you show in your videos are expensive. It will be very appreciable if you make some videos with products that are affordable for middle class. Thanks

  3. Dr Mona, I would love to take your advice about snacking on long green beans and snow peas. Could you please show us how to safely wash these and other vegetables with edible skins, or direct me to a video you may have already posted? Also, about edamame: I heard that it's a form of soy beans and that unfermented soy is a hormone disruptor and also inhibits the absorption of four minerals. If so, is it really healthy to snack on edamame? Thanks so much for your great videos!

  4. Pls guys, don't eat raw green beans, they contain cyanide and phasine. Both substances will break apart if you cook or steam the beans. Raw beans can cause diarrhea, headaches, nausea and throw ups. It just takes 5-6 beans to cause these symptoms on kids. They can even die when they consume higher amounts of raw beans, because of their low body weight. By just steaming the green beans, a lot of vitamins still stay intact. I wouldn't risk it by eating them raw:)

  5. I made the chia seed pudding!!! Thanks! Could you maybe make it with less chia seeds. I have 8 kiddos and want it to be more Cost effective?! We are yogurt-aholics and I'm looking for a few alteratives. I hope make my yogurt with organic milk but I'm sure that doesn't make it any better right?

  6. Snacks on the go
    1. Power snacks/energy bites
    2. Raw snacks: crackers nuts and seeds
    3. Presliced avocado
    4. Veggies raw green beans, sugar snappers mini bellpeppers cherry tomatoes
    5. Celery and cream cheese kite hill
    6.oat meal
    7.chia seed pudding

  7. Hi! I don’t mean this to be rude at all, I’m just curious if you get Botox on your forehead? You don’t seem to have a lot of expression there. Looks incredible though and super natural I could be wrong. Just curious if it’s part of your beauty routine.

  8. I just started watching your videos and I love them! I tried to make the chia seed pudding last night with the right proportions, and let it sit in the fridge overnight, but it’s still all liquid. I used natures intent organic chia seeds. I saw you used white chia seeds. Does it have to be white for this to work? If not, what brand of black chia seeds do you use? Thanks!

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