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INGREDIENTS FOR THE PASTA 1 packet pasta 2 teaspoon olive oil salt to taste FOR THE BEEF SAUCE 2 onion chopped 4-6 cloves of garlic chopped half to 1 …

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  1. I tried the same as directed above but i found the meat really stink i had to add half ginger,i squeeze lemon juice 2,Yellow binzari 1 tablespoon ,red chilly powder 1tablespoonand i let it for 30 minutes it was fully cooked after that i add to the Macaroni and ate it was really tasty.Everyone has a different taste🤗

  2. Nice ground beef sauce recipe. Unfortunately you broke the cardinal rule for preparing pasta. You NEVER add the olive oil to the water (it just floats on top). You add the olive oil once the pasta is cooked and the water has been drained.

  3. When putting the beef in and when you leave it for a hour do you leave the temperature on low for a hour or medium. And what about the pasta do you put that on medium or low

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