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MeatEater Recipe: Seared Venison Heart with Whiskey Butter

MeatEater’s Wild Foods contributor, Danielle Prewett shows us how to make a memorable meal that is easy and delicious, the perfect way to celebrate your next …

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  1. So this last deer. I gave the liver a better go. Prepared cleaned and stored soaking in milk the night..I made a beautiful sofrito with it. And it was edible but not amazing. Especially for the effort. Managed to eat half a liver, chickens loved it though. And the heart cleaned and then quick marinade soy sauce rosemary oregano. Still amazing for the effort. Gonna try this next time.

  2. Used to go on heart hunts on opening day when I lived in Michigan. Around 11 to noon, just drive around and look for where deer have been drug out and go back to the gut pile. The hearts are left just about every time.

  3. ………"I took the heart, split it open, and laid it flat"………..Yeah, I dated a woman once that did that exact same thing to me……only difference was, instead of laying my heart flat…….she stomped that sucker flat. JUST KIDDING! About the video………….if there is ONE thing that sets my heart on fire it's a REAL woman who is a true carnivore! I don't know this girl in the video but I am in love with her already! Because she is not one of those "meat is murder" types. Love ya Babe………..thanks for the video!

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