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Masterchef's Easy Recipes: Juicy Beef Stir Fry 3-Course Meal | 教你牛肉怎麼炒才好吃 • Taste Show

Tired of cooking the same thing? This new series of Masterchef John Zhang’s 3-course meal has your dinner covered. Each recipe preps fast and with simple …

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  1. Hi. I liked the vid so much. I've been trying to find for video similar to yours that educates everything in this video! 👨‍⚕️ 👍Your vid is like the videos from this informative medical student Dr. Ethan. Doctor's demonstrations are really educational and I actually learned a lot for my finals! He is an educational med student in Europe.

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  2. Such elegance, such class on his cooking

    Best chef i've seen on YouTube, also thank you for adding subtitles so he can speak in native tongue.

  3. Amazing! Thank you so much for explaining everything in such detail. I have learned more about the hows and whys of cooking from you in 20 min than in years. Finally i understand why and how i am supposed to do stuff. Priceless 👍😘💝

  4. Wow!!! So beautiful and wonderful Master Chef's Easy recipes: Juicy Beef stir fry 3 coursemeal by John Zang Taste Shows.Perfect presentation good create good taste mouth watering good texture tender soft nice color successful results professional cooking shows Thanks for your dedication and hard work that will be appreciated God bless you and your family always with Good health Good luck and happiness 🌷❤️👍😘 Love and Respect Stay safe Holiday season

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