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Making Natural Dye Using Vegetables | GRATEFUL

Make a rainbow of natural dyes using turmeric, beets and cabbage. RELATED: How to make natural cleaning supplies …

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  1. can we make red food color using turmeric and baking soda? since baking soda is a base and turmeric gives a red color when it reacts with base

  2. Cool I've recently taught myself to crochet and I was gonna make a little shade sail out of cotton kitchen twine but I can only get boring off white so some natural colours would be fab. Most of this stuff I have growing in the garden! I have summer forget me not I was gonna rip out and apparently u can use the root for a red dye!! So I'm gonna have to try all these. My only question would be what can I use as a fixative so the colours don't fade so quick??

  3. the red cabbage doesn't turn blue for " the reaction with the acid", is has some molecules, the antocianine, that reacts and changes colour based on the pH
    Saying that the original purple is from a pH=7, so a neutral one, it turns reddish with lower/acid pH and blue with higher/basic pH

  4. Baking soda is a base lol. Lime juice will turn the Anthocyanes red, all the way to yellow if you add enough, while baking soda and soapy water will turn them blue.

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