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Make this Thai steamed fish WITHOUT a steamer | Thai Steamed Fish with Lime & Garlic

My guide to making Thai steamed fish with lime and garlic… without using a steamer. Also called ‘Pla Neung Manao’ in Thai. This is a classic restaurant dish in …

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  1. I have been wanting to try this recipe for so long and it was BOMB I added sauce to fish and vegetables over quinoa bed and OMG OMG OMG. Can’t believe that steamed fish can be so good !

  2. Great dish marion
    100 steam fish dishes – 100 bowls of rice – 100 crispy bacon ** deep fried ** and onion bowls with lemon – 5 minutes in boiled water : spring onion – sliced raw cauliflower sugar and black pepper – bowl of quail eggs *boiled : chopped chilis chopped onions etc

    Feast – treat – eat

  3. You are amazing cook. Your flavours are simple but so heartwarming. Now, your videos have made me a champion cook in the eyes of my hubs and kids. So thank you. Love to meet you when i come down under.

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