Magically Delicious Unicorn Desserts

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  1. Let's see what flavour variation there is. This list will not be complete until I have finished the video.
    1. Flavour: Vanilla, Sugar
    2. Flavour: Vanilla, Sugar
    3. (aka how to ruin a perfectly good cheesecake that's actually set for once) Flavour: Vanilla, Sugar
    4. Flavour: Vanilla, Sugar

    So basically, it's the most unimaginative, uninteresting, sickly and oversweet vanilla cake ever. At least a victoria sponge has jam and cream.

  2. who tf care about the unicorns

    why tf did kids obsessed with unicorn? just because of MLP…? Well, if adult like unicorn they are fukin childish and kids are dumb, they believed unicorn is real. It fukin myth animal, not extinction animal or whatever it is..

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