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Low Prep, Easy Toddler Meals, lunches, dinners, bonus recipe included!

Welcome to Beanster’s Bytes! Coming up with something nutritious for your toddler to eat can sometimes be a challenge. These are very simple meals with short …

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  1. This picky toddler eater business is a new phenomenon on such a grand scale.  Of course there have always been a small percentage of humans who come into this world picky and they probably tend to be thinner just as there is a small percentage of humans who come into this world kinda greedy (we all know at least one greedy baby) and, if their metabolism isn't fast, tend to be chunky.  But what I don't get is all these mothers saying their kids are picky.  No.  You are allowing them to be that way which is a detriment to their health.  Can you imagine picky toddlers in the 1800's?  Or picky toddler during the Depression?  Or picky toddlers of hard working farming folks?  Humans haven't evolved into something new.  Parents now are just giving in for some strange reason.

  2. sadly my toddler wont look twice at most of these foods…if i put strawberries or cucumber on a plate he would look at me like i was crazy…all my kids are like that its so annoying coz i LOVE those kinds of foods….all they want are processed foods which i dislike…i love the recipe at the end and ill try it out thanks

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