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Low Carb Gluten free Flour…. Roties softer than wheat flour

Gluten free Aata Low Carb Aata/Gluten free roti.

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  1. Urad dal flour 200gms,jowar flour 500gms,ragi flour 500 GM's ,channa basin 2 tbsp.mix in air tight container.just like wheat roti taste.add salt .luke warm water make it.make it 15 mins before only.if added rice flour then if lean they need carb ,so 2: 1 ratio of 2 is the flour and 1 is rice flour.

  2. According to me…

    All types of dal contain some amount of carbs.

    So if a person is following a keto diet then that person should eat this roti in a very limited quantity

    In the keto diet, only coconut flour, almond flour, etc are only used

    So basically this roti also contains carbs…

  3. Definitely Healthy and Gluten free Roti and good substitute for people with gluten allergy … i am still worried about people who are watching carbs…. this is definitely not low carb as urad dal flour… 25 gms has 15 g of carbs and jowar atta … 100 gms has 71 g of carbs so definitely not for one who is watching carb and definitely not a low carb atta

  4. Thanks a lot dear!! 🌸Last 2 months me Meine gluten free indian dishes kafi try ki but roti Thik se nhi ban pati h. I will try this. My husband is gluten intolerant. Kya is aate se stuffed paratha bhi ban skta h aloo ya Kuch. Agr uski bhi koi technique ho to pls share kre.. 🤗🙏🏻 I have tried poori with boiled aloo & some flours. It was also difficult to make.

  5. 200gm urad flour
    500gm jowar flour
    500gm ragi flour
    2 tbsp besan
    Mix and store in airtight container. Namak swadanusar. Warm water or Gunguna pani. Bit of rice flour 2:1 ratio in dough making

  6. Thanks for the recipe Vandana, will try this out for my son that needs to be on a gluten free diet.
    In terms of standard cup, how many cups of each flour needs to be used?

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