Lemon Tart Recipe

Classic lemon tart recipe – this tart recipe is easy to make, sweet and delicate. Lemon tart is one of my favorite desserts. If you’ve never tried lemon tart you …

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  1. Epic work “the cooking foodie”!🤩 I tried it and it looks super tasty!😱❤️ it tastes yummy as well!😉👍🏻
    My favorite food from now on🍋🍰🤤

  2. The recipe for the lemon filling was good but the recipe for the tart shell was not good at all. Firstly, it didn't taste like a tart shell at all, though my measurements were perfect. The texture was not the way a tart should have and I the centre part did not cook, it was raw while the sides turned dark brown. Even in your video I can see that your middle part is also not cooked perfectly. Please improve and provide us with a nice recipe!!

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