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Lazy Student Meals in 15 Minutes | Healthy, Cheap, Fast | Joanna Soh

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  1. I don't think any of these food personalities on Youtube understand what "lazy" or "budget" or "fast" means. We live in a world where fast delicious food is as simple as getting in your car, driving a few blocks to a fast food place, and for a few dollars you have a hot juicy burger, perfectly crispy salt chicken, etc. Meals can be as easy as pull box from freezer, pre-heat oven, dump box contents on a baking sheet, and you're done. Pull the food out when the time is up. Or even easier, same deal but with a microwave. All of these Youtube videos involve chasing down multiple ingredients which gets expensive fast, prepping multiple ingredients which are often useless and inedible on their own, and multiple steps for cooking. The final result is, meh. It's hard to commit to eating better when even the simpler foods are process intensive, time consuming, expensive, and taste worse than stopping at McDonald's for a hot juicy $1 cheeseburger.

  2. Heyyy Joanna! I'd been following you from last few years and had incredible journey towards healthy lifestyle and being fit but from last two years I hardly exercisesd and couldn't focus on diet due to exams and other reasons Now I want to restart my workout routine and everything else.. How should I start? Bcoz its been while and my body is not that active I feel so how to get back in shape and to be healthy plz reply

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