Lauren's Vlog: Retail Therapy, Kitchen Organizing & Easy Appetizers!

OPEN FOR MORE LINKS & DESCRIPTIONS ↓ Hello friends! This time of year is great for grabbing bargains. I can’t think of a better way to fight the Winter blues …

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  1. Hi Lauren, I'm a new subscriber and I love you channel you have wonderful taste and such a charming personality. I will try not to start binge watching….hehehe

  2. Also I make the sausage rye toasts or on pumpernickel but I add ground beef too and use velveeta and worchestire with some onion powder and a little garlic powder…yummy. Another one I make is to toast the pumpernickel slightly, then place a smidge of dijon mustard on the bread and add a slice of apple and top with carmelized onions and a slice of jarlsberg and then place under low broiler til melted…delicious. And healthier too!

  3. I LOVE my salad spinner. Lost my first one in the divorce, lol. Went without it for years and finally repurchased 2 years ago..ahhhhh(high pitched squeal)! You can store your lettuce in it too and it stays so crisp and fresh. Hope you love it!

  4. Love the vlog’s and Love when you wear your hair straight Lauren, WoW!!!! You look so young without makeup😃 Wish I looked good without makeup 😂hahahaha ,…..anyway Great Vlog’s 😃❤️
    Texas Lady xoxo

  5. Awesome, awesome vlog!!! The food looked amazing! I love when you guys share your recipes- thank you! Happy Birthday!! PS- I never get tired of hearing about the gain. I went to Target tonight and purchased it 🙂

  6. Happy birthday Lauren.  I agree with you and your husband, the days are flying by so quickly.  It used to be that it seemed like the day wouldn't end, now there aren't enough hours in the day.  It must be because I'm getting older!  Great vlog, I will have to try some of your recipes, it all looked wonderful.  Hope that you are doing well.  I'm enjoying 70 degree weather, it's crazy because it's unusually warm when it should be cold.  Take care, XO

  7. Lauren, first of all Happy Birthday !!! Second…your hair is so pretty in this vlog (the part where you have on the sweatshirt from Nordstroms), the cut is gorgeous. Love this video. thanks as always. Always enjoy your vlogs. 🙂 take care

  8. Happy Birthday!🎉🎂🎁 Hope you had lots of fun celebrating! Your hair looks so pretty straight! The shirts you bought are all so cute! Love seeing your shop with me & your hauls. Can't wait till I can get out to do a little shopping, we just went through a snow storm & more snow is expected this weekend. We're in the Chicago area & I'm really looking forward to spring 🌸🏵️

  9. Great video!  You have so many neat recipes.  Please do a series sharing your recipes. I am particularly interested in how you make your homemade pizzas.  I have been cooking for over 50 years for me and my husband but have never made a pizza from scratch .  So please share, yours look so good.

  10. The super bowl food looked amazing! Isn't if fun to get new gadgets and tools and appliances for the kitchen? lol And it feels so good to get re organized again sometime! Thank you for sharing your week. Happy Birthday!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Lauren! Your GRWM was fantastic! Love your hair up and love, love, the straight look. I think your hair is the perfect length and such lovely highlights. Lauren, you look like a teenager with your hair styled straight. Have to agree…also liking the lighter lip too but you look fantastic always. A great vlog as always with such interesting content. Sooo much yummy food. Sorry about the fender benders but it is over and no more now. Funny, but I bought a brand new black SUV a few months ago and hate it as it's so hard to keep clean. I miss my white SUV. Want to rush Spring… such long winter's here! xo

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