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Kourtney Kardashian | Kourtney's Favourite Healthy Recipes ?‍? Gluten Free and Organic

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  1. I love the fact that people in the comment section saying about the seasonings and Kourtney having a personal chef. The ingredients that is used in the video probably have seasonings in them already and having a personal chef or helper is not a bad thing unless you pay and treat them properly.

  2. am i kourtney kardashian? i am vegetarian of 12 years and 24 year old and i make the mushroom pizza all the time only i usually do just cream cheese & cheese sometimes i do the pizza style. when i saw the apple nachos i was like wtf! that’s one of my fav snacks. i am kourtney and have never known

  3. for everyone how saying that this isnt good without salt, yes its prefectly good because I dont use salt maybe 5-6 years and now for me salt is just nothing. Sometimes people forgot the actually flavor wich is 1000%better without salt

  4. Well done girl. My son has recovered from Rheumatoid Arthritis thanks to gluten free, milk free, whole foods plant based diet so I know how important is the way of living you promoting. Keep doing what you are doing. You area great mum.xxxx

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