Jamie Oliver & Jim Chapman Superfood Salad!

Who ever said salad was boring? Jamie’s created an exciting superfood salad for esteemed Youtuber Jim Chapman, and maxed it out with nutritious, healthy …

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  1. Jamie I really wish you'd post a link to the actual WRITTEN recipe!! It's very hard to stop and start a vid in the kitchen to get the ingredients down. It's also impossible to search and find these recipes on your site. Trust me, I've tried!! Please Start posting those links!!

  2. So proud of you to be eating more plant based Jamie, you are awesome! Looks delicious, you look healthier, happier and more aware/alert lol. Please consider going Vegan all the way for the earth and animals!!!

  3. Did anyone see them washing their hands before sticking them in the food?
    Filthy and unhygienic food to spread Norovirus should be banned.
    What is wrong with using polythene gloves?

  4. When Jamie says "ground coriander", did he mean the leaves or seeds? Please, answer! He uses that in so may videos, but I'm never sure what it is, because said "ground coriander" has the colour of the seeds… So, PLEASE, help! 🙂

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