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Is Gluten-Free making you fat? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon | Debunking gluten-free myths

Debunking gluten-free myths, is gluten free eating making you fat? SUBSCRIBE on youtube: Support: Recipe: …

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  1. Only a Very minor 1% of the Population suffers from Celiac Disease. Those with Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity are even less. For thousands of years people ate Gluten containing products now all of a sudden in the Age of Decadence where we haven't produced any revolutionary science in over 50 years we are starting to look in ANY direction we can to tweak our lives. People have stomach issues I'm one of them. I sometimes Get bloated and have cramps etc. This is partly normal and partly due to my Stomach Ulcer. Most people who feel better from almost ANYthing is because of the placebo effect. Eating whole foods and Chicken soup for example, will physically make you feel better. Yes there was an actual study on the positive effects of Chicken soup. Obtaining from Bread has no scientific basis for making you feel better. Also Gluten is from Wheat products, so putting gluten free on product labels just to sell them should be forbade because it just confuses people as well as insults our intelligence. For instance Gluten free Water. Gluten free Strawberries. Gluten Free Honey.

  2. Awesome explanation, thank you! And chefs and others in the food industry should never make assumptions about the reason someone is on a dietary restriction, it is dangerous.

  3. I got really concerned that she was gonna say that gluten free is an unhealthy diet that is actually bad for you, because I'm allergic to gluten and therefore cannot have gluten xd

  4. Most vegans I know are gluten free,oil free,sugar free,starch free, crab free, salt and sugar free😪.. tho they have no issues with gluten or anything all because they read a book by some self proclaimed doctor

  5. I have to cook and bake gluten and egg free for my son. If he comes in contact even on the skin he has a reaction. Ingesting it will completely shut his respiratory system down. I have amazing recipes for gluten free bread and it rises and turns out amazing. Having xanthan gum in your gluten free flour is a huge help. I use ener-g egg replacer for my baked goods as well.

  6. i have been told i have IBS, i've been tested for crohn's disease and had a camera up not down, with no signs of crohns, maybe i'm having a glutton reaction as sometimes the food is not digested properly

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