Vegan Recipes

Incredible vegan meals for lazy days

When you’re feeling lazy but still want a home cooked vegan meal that’s packed with flavor, try one of these recipes! To get the free printable PDF with all three …

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  1. I just did the cauliflower soup and it's aaaamazing! Thank you for this recipe and I will definitely try more of your recipes! PS: I bought my Instant Pot "because" of you 😂 and I love it! ❤

  2. @RainbowPlantLife

    OK Missy, I am on to you now.

    You make your little videos, being all gorgeous and funny and sweet. And you pretent to make all those mouthwatering dishes just "to show us" and to be nice. And for the longest time, I fell for it like an amateur.

    Little did I know, that this was nothing but an evil ploy to control our minds and make us your helpless slaves. And even worse, it worked!

    After watching a couple of your subliminal messages, I bought myself an Instant Pot yesterday. I did not know I wanted one before. And it wasn't even easy, because it's not officially sold in my country.

    So here it is in my kitchen, all shiny and new. Now what?

    Might even have to buy your cookbook now, is that what you want? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

  3. I'm now enjoying the sweet potato recipe, thank you so much! It was beautiful with Japanese purple sweet potatoes and black sesame seeds…everything else kept exactly per your recipe.

  4. I want to eat healthier but when I watch these videos I get discouraged. None of it looks appetizing. It seems so gross. I know I don't eat healthy foods now, but I don't know how to start liking this type of food.

  5. I just made the creamy cauliflower white bean soup. Oh my goodness it was delicious!!!!! The olive oil, lemon zest and juice take it to a whole other level. Will definitely add this to my regular rotation.

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