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I'm making The Most Delicious Malaysian snack from a Coconut

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  1. Im very jealous of u both. U guys eat a lot but still not put on weight. 😂😂😂 congratulations for making the ketayap soo nice. And i just knew today it got santan gravy to add on 😍😍 u guys are awesome👍🏻👍🏻

  2. I never knew there was another way to shred coconut. In Jamaica we crack each half into smaller pieces, pry the meat off the shell and then grate it all down. Usually the small end pieces get eaten right away to avoid grating one's finger!

  3. Best to use slow juicer to squeeze the shredded coconut. Bcoz slow juicer is a type of screw press, the same mechanism with the coconut squeezer machine in Malaysian wet market.

  4. You'd get more coconut milk if you put the shredded coconut in a blender with some water and blend it together, then strain it. Much thicker coconut milk as well.

  5. the authentic one using young shreaded coconut as it filling.if you can find young one try making it again the taste will be difference it much much better, but even here in malaysia roadside kuih stall nowday using old coconut because easier to find..

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