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I went Gluten free for 5 days and here is what happened…

SO a week of gluten free done. I know people always get super opinionated about stuff like this, and it always ends up as very interesting comment section, …

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  1. I know this is a bit older. But my dad has been a coeliac for about 7 years. He now is developing osteoporosis because of his coeliac disease.. So yes.. don’t avoid gluten if you can!

  2. I feel like a lot of people who go gluten free and feel better for it is due to avoiding carbs, and especially simple sugar carbs. IE oat flour instead of bleached white flour which your metabolism process the sugars faster

  3. I know I am late to this video but I recently started watching your channel and I love it I'm gluten free so when I saw you did this challenge I clicked on this video!

  4. You should try the low fodmap diet – sadly on the diet you need to be gluten free but there’s so many other things you’re not allowed (like garlic, onion, avocado, leeks, celery, lactose etc) its a diet aimed at people with IBS issues and it’s the most frustrating and difficult diet ever and would love to see your take on it. Obviously I was put on the diet by a registered NHS dietician so maybe look into it before you try it for your own person health reasons. Love u x

  5. Loved this video 😀 As someone with celiac disease it was nice seeing someone say if you don’t have a disease/allergy then why not eat it. I see a lot of people doing it as a fad which is kinda harmful for people with celiac because restaurants and companies will come out with new “gluten free” options to appeal to those doing it for the fad but have small amounts of gluten or contamination. I’ve been sent to the ER because of those foods smh.

  6. My brother has Crohn's (originally just diagnosed as an intolerance to dairy, wheat and gluten) and my dad is diabetic. Growing up cooking, especially baking, was always an experiment! The ready-made stuff used to be a lot worse than it is now, so my mum learnt how to make gluten, etc free bread, cakes and so on. It's definitely made me a better baker though and I've surprised coeliacs with how good gluten free baking can be!

  7. I dont have gluten because it triggers my lupus. Part of the disagreeing for those that have autoimmunes is that every single person has different trigger foods and it can change over the years. However I'm happy for those people doing gluten free because its increased the demand and its SO MUCH tastier than it was in the past.

    I'm gluten, nightshade, and soy intolerant. Cross contamination doesnt seem to bother me thank goodness so as long as theres no glutenous ingredients I dont have to worry about officially gluten free.

  8. People often mistake low tolerance for intolerance, sometimes symptoms are caused by you eating more than your body can handle but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have any, just less.

  9. A VIDEO IDEA: Following the low FODmap diet for a day.

    It would be amazing if you could bring awareness to people like me who have the chronic illness IBS. It's really difficult to follow the low FODmap diet as you have to avoid and only eat a certain ammount of foods!

  10. Because so many people CHOOSE to go gluten free for 'health' reasons (even though there is no evidence to show it is beneficial) where i live you can no longer get gluten free food for free on the NHS!!! The council said there were too many people claiming gluten free as a 'fad' diet and now people who are actually coeliac/gluten intolerant (gluten can make them quite seriously ill) can't claim food they need, even when they really need it, and food banks can't always stock gluten free stuff. PLEASE stop claiming gluten free food if you don't need it, other people really do.

  11. i am coeliac and have been diagnosed for around 10 years and although going gluten free is bad for you if your not gluten intolerant or coeliac as you body actually need the fibres from it and gluten free food is full of sugar and stuff i am thankful that people do because there wouldnt be the range of food to choose from if they didnt ! when i got diagnosed you couldnt even buy bread in the shops! you had to get it from the chemist!

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