Ingredients: whole chicken ( feathers removed and washed) or BONE IN chicken breast *please do not use canned chicken, precooked or boneless chicken) it …

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  1. Boiling a whole chicken? Cutting it to pieces would be better. Even cooking and shorter time. You should not boil chicken though. Better roasting, braising, or smoking it. Boiling a chicken whole dries it out badly in certain parts that will cook faster

  2. For the record when y’all put the chicken salad out to be sold I think it’s freshly made does anyone say to each other maybe we should make sure there’s no bones inside this batch of chicken salad for once because it’s happened numerous times before so let’s make sure that there’s no cartilage 😲🤢 or little mini bones that are mixed into a little piece of meat not every piece of meat is boneless y’all see her picking the chicken and shredding it – listen this is a big deal cause it’s not the first time this has happened to me and I took a break specifically from that type brand of chicken salad worried sick that I could run into the bone thing again and I gave it the benefit of the doubt today and didn’t check or rummage around searching for little mini bones inside the container and sure enough I let my guard down and it happened 🤷‍♂️🤢😳 of course I thought about it happening as I was taking the container out and said nah not this time that must of been a few times that things got mixed up and I pretended basically that it never happened 🤷‍♂️😬 what a mistake that was now I got a small cut inside my mouth on the side of my cheek from a mini small tiny sharp or Sutton was sharp enough to make a cut scrap on the inside of my cheek and I shouldn’t even have to be talking about this it’s ridiculous and unspeakable I just can’t believe there are so many times that this issue happens to me and it’s with the same product it says boneless chicken salad pre made and unfortunately it hasn’t been that way for me only a handful of times I’ve escaped not finding any cartilage or bones inside the chicken salad that’s wrong and should be illegal – I just don’t understand stings now when I eat Sutton I’m just saying we got enough problems and I shouldn’t have to worry about boneless chicken salad having cartilage or half inch little bones hidden inside the meat I got enough problems already and if I swallowed that and had to go to the hospital or ripping my stomach apart who knows what the endless possibilities could happen I don’t have good luck with any of that type of stuff there’s got to be a better way of making that chicken salad a check and balance system so to speak cause it just ruined my day immediately and makes me feel so sick worried and it’s embarrassing to keep mentioning it and to pull it out and look at it I’ve done it before and it’s worrisome 😔🤷‍♂️ just think that people need to be more competent and do a better job with certain things that are extremely important – my god what’s happening just on top of everything else happening and I almost made it through the entire sandwich only at the end I felt it scrap and bit into the bone or whatever it was inside of the boneless chicken salad I know it isn’t wasn’t supposed to be there obviously or can’t imagine if it wasn’t a bone what it could of been and actually don’t want to think about the other options I just wish people paid attention more to things of that nature it happens quite often with this particular brand of chicken salad that’s all I’m saying – unspeakable to have to deal with that type of problem and I can’t go complain to anyone just got to accept that there’s bones in the boneless chicken salad from now on and if I decide to ever try it again I will inspect the chicken salad previous update making any sandwich – and having to do that makes me not want to eat the product gonna have to stick to the homemade type and just pay attention cause people around here don’t always pay attention and that’s an understatement ahh yeah it’s worrisome 😳😲🤷‍♂️ I saw a recipe for homemade mayonnaise and think that route is better for me cause I can’t be doing this and dealing with more issues – I mean when does this nonsense end I got enough on my mind already and thinking of searching for chicken bones is unacceptable to me – I’m just thinking out loud and if this helps somebody double check and make sure the next time they make chicken or turkey salad to be sure that the cartilage and bones are not are specifically not inside the batch or the container then hopefully it will bring awareness so to speak 🤷‍♂️😳🤣🙏 it’s so disappointing finding that I feel let down I’m embarrassed to even bring it up – I mean I’ve just been through so much and wicked sad and heartbroken lately so I just didn’t need any chicken bones in the boneless chicken salad it’s uncomfortable biting into that stops me in my tracks freeze up and just throw it spit it away and try not thinking if it anymore 🤷‍♂️🤢😔 just the salad dressing stings the scrape or cut from the incident 🤢😳 I hope that it stops future chicken bones from being missed and saves someone from being embarrassed and feeling uncomfortable – I feel terrible about it and just don’t know what to do or say about things just unacceptable 🤷‍♂️ just wish they were more careful and did a better job took a little more pride in making it and that wouldn’t happen I don’t think it’s good just too many mistakes – I’m an emotional person and passionate just don’t like complaining and wasting time on this type of nonsense – for me any minute wasted on thinking about these type of things is a waste of time and counterproductive – I’d rather be thinking of positive things or dreaming of being happy and with the love of my life a unicorn – 🦄 miss her tremendously – can’t pretend – unfortunately I can’t hide my emotions when it comes to being in love with someone I didn’t even know that this feeling was possible so ignoring it is just painful and difficult – I’m heartbroken – 😔 for real seems pointless to think of the future without being happy and there’s only one thing that makes me happy 🦄🙏🤷‍♂️ that’s truthful authentic and painful – brings tears to my eyes ! Seems like nothing else matters but that topic and being together 🤷‍♂️ I mean that’s the way it is for me – I don’t know how she doesn’t care or get emotional ? So much time and effort years of being together basically wish I knew how to not care or be emotional ? I’m gonna watch the person make the chicken salad and see how is it possible to keep leaving bones inside like it’s just rushed and not made with any love or putting in the best effort ? For me in my life it’s always all or nothing I put all my effort and energy and love into things or I don’t bother with it at all so it’s hard sometimes to see how other people go through the motion and half ass things – so who knows I can’t talk to anyone or ever get answers or conversation so it’s tiresome being left in the dark all the time when it’s the most important thing in the world and it’s not happening that is worrisome to me and counterproductive 🤷‍♂️😔 idk what to do if y’all want me to say I don’t care or don’t love her then I will – still won’t change anything or the truth – it’s never changed 🤷‍♂️😔 for me it’s impossible to fall out of love or not care that just isn’t ever gonna happen regardless of whatever makes no difference – tell me she hates me – won’t change anything 🤷‍♂️😔

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