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How to Make Roast Beef in the Oven

How to Make Roast Beef Growing up it was on Sundays we would enjoy a Roast Beef. As an adult, I make these on longer weekends during the cooler months.

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  1. Come on. Can't anyone see that this roast is way over cooked? It's thickly super over cooked on the outside… and medium+ in the middle. I unfortunately can't see this as a winner.

  2. This vid was missing some key points. You should show you putting it in oven and what
    temp, and how to get an au jus. Also you mangled that beautiful piece of prime meat. I make these at Christmas for my family and they should be cut between the bone. Thats another key point you didnt discuss, how many bone in a prime rib roast you can buy, and if not cutting between the bone, then at least how to properly slice beautiful slices. This was criminal! Sorry, I have to be honest.

  3. I have no idea what’s going on in this video. The audio is terrible and the captions are too. Captions are not alternate text or comment fields. I can’t hear you and other people can’t tell what you’re saying either.

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