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How to make keto vegan biscotti | Easy keto vegan recipes

This is how you can make delicious keto vegan biscotti at home! These super easy to make keto vegan biscuits are great companions for coffee and tea. They’re …

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  1. I just tried something inspired by this video which might be useful for those not wanting to use the soy flour:

    50 gms coconut flour
    50 gms almond flour
    20 gms oat fibre
    40 gms melted coconut oil
    Half tsp baking powder
    Almond extract
    A few drops of Stevia
    4 tbs of Lakanto/erythritol
    Pinch Sea salt
    Almond milk
    Almond flakes

    I mixed all the ingredients together and ended up adding a lot more almond milk because the coconut and oat fibre need it.

    Way too impatient to wait … so I pressed the dough into silicon muffin tins but less than 1 cm thick and pushed in sliced almonds.

    Baking time approx 20 mins … tasted great but a bit too crumbly so I think maybe too much oat fibre and not enough coconut oil.

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