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HOW TO MAKE HUMMUS | healthy & easy hummus recipe

I’m obsessed with this hummus recipe. Not only is it fast and easy, it’s fresh, super creamy and delicious. And it comes together in less than 3 minutes! Made in …

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  1. This hummus is the perfect healthy appetizer or snack! I scoop it up with fresh cucumber slices, but you could use any veggie. You could also make my cassava flour tortilla chips or ultimate seed crackers (both recipes are gluten-free, paleo & vegan and on my website). Hope you guys like this video – and I'd love to hear what recipe videos you'd like to see next! – Lisa xo

  2. Every time I followed a recipe for hummus, it was always screwed up in one way or another. I have free styled hummus and adjusted everything to taste and now I never fail at hummus. Funny how some recipes are better without a recipe.

  3. tip from a middle eastern: some people blend ice cubes with it to give it a creamy texture (& it would have a lighter color) tell me if u try it!☺️

  4. I’ve watched and rewatched this recipe a few times but just never got around to making it until today.. this recipe is a mazing. Thank you so much.. im never buying hummus again it was so easy and delicious🙌🏽👍🏽

  5. I, personally, would take even just one garlic clove because I'm a little squeamish when it comes to tanginess and I really don't like to have a garlic breath at school haha. But apart from that I absolutely love this recipe! ❤️

  6. Only thing is that I didn't like is how she didn't mention that you have to COOK chick peas if not from a can after soaking. I didn't know this and used this video only to make hummus and was a disaster. 2nd time was nearly perfect, just a little to much tahini for my taste.

  7. Terrible recipe, don’t listen to a white woman cooking. There are plenty of delicious recipes from people from the Middle East that are a zillion times better than this

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