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How to Make HEALTHY ORGANIC Korean Bimimbap Plate (Chicken, Beef, Vegan) | Diane Yang Kirk | Ep 04

HOIA Food and Cooking Episode 04: Korean Bimimbap Plate with Chicken, Beef, Tofu, Vegetables HEALTHY ORGANIC INSPIRED ASIAN Food and Cooking …

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  1. Hi my name is Ming those looks awesome Korean food I enjoy cooking some Korean food too but most of the time I Cooking Chinese and sushi I will enjoy watching you everything looks awesome keep up the good work but I’d like to invite you to my YouTube channel take a look some up my Chinese food cooking and some sushi see what you think if you like it please give me a subscribe and they, thank you so much yes PS be safe and be healthy God bliss 😳😷🙏👍✌️

  2. Ahhhhh love this! Part Korean over here and LOVE what you are doing with your channel! Had the privilege of having some of your AMAZING asparagus and burger patty for lunch the other day! You are INCREDIBLE!!! SoOoOooo tasty and healthy!

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