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How to Make HEALTHY ORGANIC Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup | Recipe | Diane Yang Kirk | 9

HOIA Food and Cooking Episode 9: Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup HEALTHY ORGANIC INSPIRED ASIAN Food and Cooking with Diane Yang Kirk …

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  1. Oh my gosh, by far the easiest thing I've cooked that tastes amazing (I can burn salad).
    Only change was I used shredded leftover roast chicken from mid-week dinner and forgot to buy sesame oil when I went shopping (was not making a 2nd trip).
    Still tastes great but will try with oil next time.
    A small portion of this soup from my takeaway costs £4.50 ($8 approx), I made a whole pot for £3.27 ($6 approx).
    Thanks for posting the recipe.

  2. Top recipe. I noticed chinese people have great skin and hair.Why is that? Is it genetics?Is it steamed veges and broths and stews? Warming foods for the spleen? Please tell me your secrets?breakfast ,lunch dinner?

  3. You are so funny, I haven't made this in years and want to try your recipe today, don't have canned sweet corn so can I use frozen ( thawed) corn. Pls.pls. Reply soon 😀

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