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HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY COOKING FUN (7 tips to make it more enjoyable for beginners)

Are you just starting your healthy eating journey? Are you struggling because it’s boring? I’m going to share my top tips to make healthy eating more fun for …

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  1. I love both of those Youtubers too! I notice by your name and their names, you guys are a lil similar in the Indian/middle east ethnic origins. Explains you guys being amazing with health and food. 🤩

  2. I also like watching Pick up limes, though I'm far from veganism, but I try to implement Sadia's advice on products, techniques and most of all presentation – it really means so much in everyday meals. Thank you for these tips and for your inspiring channel. The tips that help me from time to time: 1) try something new, usual stuff is quick and easy but so boring. Even if it's not gonna be the best, it's still such a fun going a new path. 2) have a meal plan ready in your head at least the night before. My biggest frustration in the kitchen is not "hard" or "long" but "omg, what shall I cook today?!" 🙂

  3. As soon as you mentioned Mind Over Munch and Pick Up Limes, I knew I found a kindred spirit. I'm subscribed to them, too!

  4. I love your channel. Will you make a video showing how to make quick, easy meals? I'm really interested in making the grain and veggie bowls. I'm also curious if instant brown rice is recommended ? I'm currently going through a season of life where I'm super busy, and it's difficult to find time for cooking and clean-up.

  5. I wanted to add a way to give yourself and others a break during the week from cooking. It is to share some food with neighbors etc. Giving a small or big portion of your own meal to your friend, colleague, family and/or neighbor can really make things easy for them. This cycle does great and spreads the love and even motivates each other to cook.

    Also, I like your videos, they have good info! Thanks.

  6. I look to ‘ Pink up limes’ and ‘Mind over munch ‘ for recipe inspirations too! Trouble is, the current kitchen has a ‘step’ which pprecents me from entering with my wheelchair but i’ll Be moving soon and the new kitchen in new place is entirely flat! so I can ‘wheel’ myself in! I am so excited 😆

  7. Have just discovered your channel and I love it. When you mentioned magic bullet for sauces, do you mean the smallest machine, or the nutribullet which has magic bullet name on the bottom front of machine? Also, I imagine that you have a blender (will check your other videos). Which blender do you have for green smoothies, not just the brand, but the actual model, size, etc?

    Thank you for your great videos.

  8. Music in the kitchen is such a great suggestion and I often I'm cooking with my headphones on! I also really think that audio books are great because they don't have the same distraction as watching something like a YouTube video and I think that podcasts can be great as well. But nothing beats music! I love listening to British radio stations the most when I'm not on Tidal.

  9. The best cookbook I ever found was "Is it soup yet?" By Dot Varten. The best recipe was the grilled chicken & artichoke heart soup. I am trying to get into "Moghul microwave" by Julie Sahni. My favorite food is East Indian, this cookbook by Julie makes it easy to enjoy quickly.

  10. pre-made home sauces are the best way for me. I can add pasta or meat or fish and have a delicious meal in minutes. I freezer cook too so that I always have a meal ready for the oven, again ready in minutes. Since learning to read the packaging labels I never buy sauces. Also since learning about the lack of hygiene in supermarket foods, I prefer to eat clean foods prepared by me.

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