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Get the top-rated recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Cake III at Watch how to make an easy, …

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  1. When I made this, it instantly became my new favorite cake. It’s moist, it’s super rich in flavor, but not overly sweet. It’s the definition of perfect. If you are on the fence of trying it, do. It. You won’t regret making this cake i promise

  2. Please make this cake it is so good. I'm never trying another recipe again. The only problem is that it was very crumbly but that I'm pretty sure is my fault because I didn't leave it in the pan to cool. Highly recommended

  3. I made this cake for my son's 13th birthday, Father's Day, and my husband's birthday. They keep requesting it. It turned out moist and very delicious. I frosted it with a homemade cream cheese frosting, and it was amazing.

  4. Can someone tell me an easy chocolate frosting recipe with measurements? I dont have any frosting and would love to make some. (With less cocoa powder but the frosting should still be sweet)

  5. Amazing recipe! The cake is very delicious! I actually have a couple of my own cake recipes! But anyways I just want to say that the cake was so moist!🤤 But🤭….next time please give Credit to the Hershey Company they are the ones that made this recipe it on the back of the box on there a Hershey’s boxes….🙁 Cake is awesome but it is copyrighted. 😔 But anyways have a great day to whoever reads this ☺️😊🌈✨🌸

  6. I have try all the cake recipes till now i didn't make perfect cakes at al… But I'm swear.. Yesterday i tried this recipe.. Wow.. Seriously I'm shocked.. Its came out really well well so well.. And so delicious.. I will follow this recipe after this… I also gave to my neighbours…I'm so happy with this recipe…

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