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How To Make Compost – Composting Process – Compost Methods

How To Make Compost – Composting Process – Compost Methods Loads of people struggle with the composting process or how to make compost. Well in this …

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  1. Hi! Very informative video.
    When you said that the ratio of dry and green can't be through weight and showing the table, I got confused.
    Just for understanding, could you help me for the 30:1 ratio while I have green leaves (glyricidia/weeds/pongamia) and cow manure as raw materials?

  2. Hi tony
    Question…?? I have a modest sized garden 35m x 30m. I have 12 chickens that obviously produce manure.. they're bedded on miscanthas ( elephant grass chopped i might add.) Plus barley straw for nestimg boxes.We also recycle ALL kitchen waste ( meats not included).
    With the usual tons of Amazon cardboard. I turn the whole lot into a big solid bin. The only other thing i add ( my secret weapon 🤣🤣 ).
    Are about 1 kilo of dendrabeaneon worms.. not lob worm out the garden but from unused from my course fishing…
    The worms really are the secret weapon here as they so speed up the composting process.. Add to that ( a trick my dad taught me).
    Periodically mix it all over to get oxygen into it… This REALLY speeds up the process.. not only do you get superb compost, but worm casting and tea also. A very potent fertilizer….
    Plus i get tons of free worms. And considering they're about £20/ kg thats some saving m8..

  3. Thank you for this explanation! I’ve 2 questions for the matter: can I build a garden to grow veggies out of compost alone or do I need other kinds of soil?
    And to make a DIY compost bin, do we need to make wholes all around included the bottom? As the manufactured ones don’t have any holes, I’m not sure of this aspect… Does it need to leak?
    I appreciate your time thx 😊

  4. Hi again. Another person's composting video mentioned human and pet hair/fur can go into the compost pile. Can wool be added? I have several moth attacked wool/cashmere sweaters that would otherwise be thrown out. Can these be further shredded and added to the pile?

  5. If I add shredded new paper to my compost, does it matter if it has colored ink photos, or do I have to use only those pages that have only black ink and black and white photos? My mother use to use only the latter for around her vegetables.

  6. Grest video. Best I've seen. Why can you reuse the Compost from potatoes and not from other vegetables? Can old compost be added to a composter to renew it after a season of growing in it?

  7. Thank you for the very useful information. I found hard to turn over the compost in my plastic compost bin especially when it's full 🙁. Are there some other tools apart of the garden fork which requires quite hard physical work ?

  8. Very informative and detailed video, thank you. I appreciate knowing what's happening behind the curtain though I'll be doing more slow composting for the time being , but we'll see. Thanks for the help!

  9. Loved this video. You gave so much more I formation than anyone else on composting. Because of that you get a 👍🏻 and I subscribed even though I’m not in the UK. ( I would love to be though) 👍🏻

  10. I am watching all composting vids on youtube and and all of them I see pics of banana peels and I feel compelled to write that bananas get sprayed with all sorts of pesticides which aren't allowed in Europe but if you compost the banana peels, well you get the pesticides into your ground.

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