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How To Make A Super Tasty Party Pleasing Goat Meat Stew | Easy But Delicious Goat Meat Stew Recipe

Ingredients: To Season & Steam Meat 2lbs – Goat Meat 1tsp – Aniseed or tt 1/2tsp – Cloves 1 – Habanero Pepper or tt 3 – Garlic Cloves or tt Ginger – About 2 …

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  1. Looks really really nice. I've tried it before but I never made it in my life 😃
    Today is a valentine day. I'm taking risk to make this for my girl 🤞🏿i hope she likes 😆

  2. I 😘 mwaaaah enjoy the way you do all cooking like a Ga woman born and bread a proper Ga I love you Ganyo bi ah ah love you and promote your language too thank you so much dear friend from Kaneshie Manye in Ghana

  3. Onaapo stew!!! This one will go so good with waakye paa ohh!!
    We’re heading to the meat farm this Friday to buy some fresh goat meat. You know what I’m going to do with it right 😝. I’m making goat stew. But I’ve never used aniseed before. So I’m going to start adding them in my cooking.
    Oh my that fried goat 😭

  4. I do really like the music in the background which is going well with your sweet smile sounds.
    I don’t want to make any comment
    On the your cooking because I
    Don’t have room for it, just well done.

  5. Sweet Adjeley, you don't just only show us how to make recipes, you expose us to good and sophisticated "save Labour" kitchen appliances. I am already making my list of appliances to buy through your video clips

  6. I cant wait to try this instead of the shrimp powder I have Filipino Bagoong its fermented shrimp paste. I'm hoping it doesnt deviate from the flavor too much. Also I want to maybe add peanut butter to the stew and have pounded plaintain on the side. Whaddya think?

  7. Growing up, whenever my older cousin is frying meat, she will bring out all the small ones for us to chew😂😂😂. When all is finished, she will target the medium size …till she’s done cooking we won’t stop chewing the meat😂😂😂

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