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How to Cook Tofu like MEAT or FISH (easy vegan recipes to replace meat/fish)

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  1. Hey it's looks delicious can't wait to try it. Can you please tell me how many grams is one block of tofu. Because here where i live we get it in 200 and 400 grams pack.

  2. If you do a 3 minute blanch on the green beans, toss them in ice water for a minute, then drain. Then fry them. Goes very quick, and the color is great.

  3. Thanks for the tofu ideas! I’m a tofu junkie and always looking for new ways to cook it. I never tried putting it in the freezer, though, how does it change? I recently bought a tofuture press, and it’s amazing – it’s squeezes out so much water and gives the tofu a “meaty” texture.

    I’m very picky about pans – I won’t use teflon because it’s bad for your health and doesn’t last five minutes, but I also don’t use metal because it’s known to aggravate interstitial cystitis. I’m a 100% convert to ceramic-coated pans – a good quality one lasts forever, uses almost no oil, and doesn’t stick.

  4. How long can regular extra firm tofu stay in the freezer? I have a couple blocks in there that I forgot about a very long time ago. I'm sure they're still good to eat but no idea what the texture is going to be like at this point if I just let it fall in the refrigerator. I also froze some silken mori-nu. Never tried that before.

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