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HOW TO COOK TEMPEH & the secret to making it taste good + recipes!

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  1. These recipes look great but left me wondering. I’ve been eating tempeh for years straight out of the package – mashed for tempeh salad sandwiches with vegan Mayo, mustard, etc. if I use your suggestion to boil can it still be mashed and used for the tempeh salad? Seems like the texture would change. Thx.

  2. make sure u try tempe orek when u visit indonesia i personally like the wet kind not the dry tempe orek, its so delicious i feel bad for u guys and its so cheap omg i love tempe orek

  3. A good quality tempe shouldn't have bitter taste AT ALL.
    If your tempe had some bitterness, it means it's not well fermented in the process or the producer put too much tempe starter in it.

  4. I'm from Indonesia where Tempeh is made initially; if you have to boil and cook after cooked, then by the time you eat it, the Tempeh might lose a lot of healthy benefits. And the Tempeh that Trader Joe sold is not how Indonesian made it, is a bit bitter and hard because they put rice in it. If you want to buy the original Tempeh, go to Indonesian Supermarket. The Tempeh that Indonesian made is 100% from soybeans not like Trader Joe, they put a different kind of beans on it.

  5. Before trying recipe #3, I had only eaten tempeh fried in BBQ sauce. I mistakenly trusted the YouTubers I follow to give me good tempeh recipes lol
    It was disgusting.
    Spaghetti Bolognese inspired is the best. Thank you! It fried perfectly without oil before I added homemade pasta sauce concoction and simmered. Didn't even boil it.

  6. Thank you for doing this video! I'm one that can't do the processed soy. Yet, tempeh has never been my favorite. But I need the protein. Now, that you gave these recipes, it is very do-able. I now know how to flavor it. I tried the first one and the last recipe. It was great! Thanks is so much for sharing these great ideas! By the way where did you get that brand from?

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