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How I Use Sweet Potato in Healthy and Easy Recipes

Running out of ways to use sweet potato? Here’s how to make easy, healthy, and tasty recipes at home. Jump to: Introduction (00:00) ———- Sweet Potato vs …

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  1. I love sweet potato…the white/yellowish variety normally called kamoteng kahoy. That's waay sweeter than the orange one. In fact, you can make suman using kamoteng kahoy, and just add coconut strips for a nicer treat

  2. I kinda want to see how you will use 'Puso ng Saging'. Puso ng Saging literally means “Heart of Banana” — it is the red “fruit” of the banana plant from which the yellow bananas emerge. In many recipes written in English, “puso ng saging” is weirdly translated as banana blossoms.

  3. So awesome that you posted this timely as we have a bag of sweet potatoes that are in dire need of being used up soon and we're looking for a different taste and way to prepare them other than our usual bake or broil or for julienning in our ukoy. Will try all 3 ways you featured. Next ingredient request is beets.

  4. Looking forward to this series! Let's go through the whole Bahay Kubo 😀 Excited to see your ideas for cheap veggies like string beans, eggplant, squash 😀 Let's give Pinakbet a break 😅

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