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HOMEMADE MEATLOAF RECIPE | How To Make Meatloaf | Sunday Suppers

Today I made a delicious easy MEATLOAF RECIPE for Sunday supper. This is an easy recipe and you can top it with ketchup, bbq sauce or leave as is.

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  1. I like that this recipe doesn't have the ketchup topping. I baked a meatloaf last night with a combo of ketchup/BBQ glaze and the whole house reeked like ketchup/BBQ the next morning lol. I'm going to try this one next

  2. Almost exactly like my recipe. The only difference is that I saute my onions, chopped garlic bulb, and salt and pepper before and add it to the mix. And sometimes I use oatmeal instead of bread crumbs.

  3. Looks good. I'm going to try it. And most important…I LOVED YOUR CELLO MUSIC. I play the cello (55 years now)…and you very seldom hear it anywhere. And what a lucky day for me …you added the music SOURCE!!!


  4. I love meatloaf we have it midweek, however we made your gravy and it was ok, however we make a onion gravy to go with it, and that its really good. and the mash I pipe onto a baking sheet and crisp it up under the grill, and have it with steamed carrots

  5. I followed this recipe down to the T and it just tastes like ground meat. It was also really greasy even though I used the 93% lean meat. I used to make a really good meat loaf, but didn’t make it for a while and totally forgot the recipe. :/

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