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Homemade Crispy Potato Chips by Tiffin Box for kids | Quick and Easy Aloo Chips Recipe | Wafers

Hello Lovelies, Today my attempt to make the perfectly crispy potato chips easily at home for kids. Flavored with salt and black pepper. you can use red chilli …

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  1. Preparing everything without mom knowing looking into the fridge no potatoes
    Me : mom where is the potatoes
    Mom telling from the room
    Mom : why?
    Me : a a just asking
    Mom : potatoes are over

    Mom coming for the kitchen
    Mom: what are you doing in the kitchen
    Me : runs away

  2. Thank you for this video, we’re just enjoying a bowl of homemade crisp. One thing I would have in mind next time is to watch my oil temperature more closely and not to add too much crisps at a time. Oil gets quite splashy and it isn’t my best dream to have boiling oil all around the kitchen. Anyway, tastes great with just a bit of salt and pepper. I also added one beetroot to mine that I forgot to mention.

  3. Anyone else here they are supposed to be doing homework but instead here watching how to make potatoe chips because they’re hungry? I’m the only one….ok🤧😭😀😒

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