Holiday Cook With Me 2020! 9 Delicious Appetizers To Shove In Your Mouth! YUM!

Hey party people! Thanks so much for hanging out with me while I share this new holiday cook with me 2020! I share with you 9 Christmas / Holiday Appetizer …

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  1. I made the tree and the spinach roll I'm back to double check bake time for that..I'm using what I accidentally took out…lol…it will taste good…my family enjoyed on Christmas love watching you!!!

  2. I randomly found you searching for Costco hauls. I saw the Nicholas Cage pillow and subbed IMMEDIATELY. You are my people. All though I do want to come cut off all the tags on your stuff. 🤣

  3. My mouth is watering. They all looked delish. One day I am going to go back to this video and try to make a couple of these appetizers. I love candied pecans. You are so right about them being expensive at the fairs. Pecans in it self are expensive.

  4. I always slice up the fake crab, makes a great stuffing with touch of green pepper.
    Your so lucky,, I love roller skating, if I win the lottery: I am building a skate palace in Ypsilanti mi

  5. Check your camera's autofocus settings because every time you move out of shot, it tries to focus on something else and back to you and it doesn't always do that very well. That's why it's blurry sometimes.

  6. I saved this video & am catching up. OMG! I'm going to have to watch it every year. The 'I don't like ham' situation had me howling with laughter! This exactly what I needed. 😍😂

  7. OMG! I'm laughing I'm the same with recipes I don't study them I just improvise after I forgot something. Just stumbled on to your channel today love your personality. 🖲🔨 subscribed

  8. I was in the hospital for appendix surgery the day after Christmas, and I watched this and other videos to get through the depressing hospital time! You’re the best Kim! 💜

  9. I love sausage balls, the recipe I use is exactly the same but you cook the sausage first. I think that helps get some grease out and when you mix it all up the cheese melts a little and makes it easier to get it all mixed up. Sorry if someone already said that, I am so behind on watching your videos we have the covid during Christmas!!!! 😑🙁

  10. Ok. Love you first off. I have seven kids which are grown now. But I miss having that energy. I always cook my sausage first before sausage balls. Make them all the time. And you crack me up with it was in “the last place you looked”. Since you wouldn’t keep looking for it once you find it. It will always be the last place you look. 😂😂😂😂

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