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  1. Smoothie On a budget:

    Frozen fruit – any.
    One whole banana,
    handful of washed spinach or kale,
    half a cup of oats.. any kind.
    Two spoons of vegan yogurt of your choice,
    Orange juice. (fresh not concentrated if possible)
    Nut milk or coconut water.

    Wizz it up till smooth.

    One for those who cannot afford the more expensive vegan products but want a decent smoothie.

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  3. I'm not fully convinced Thrive is cheaper. Just ran a price comparison on the cashews. Thrive price (at the time of this video) was $11 for 16 oz. Sprouts was selling theirs for $8 a pound, making Thrive's price 37.5% more expensive! (No, I didn't do the math myself. There's an app for that lol)

  4. I'm not a vegan, but trying to incorporate some more of the vegan lifestyle into my eating. I've been weight lifting/bodybuilding for decades and trying to eat that type of a semi-healthy life. I have always respected the vegan lifestyle. It is honestly cheaper to eat vegan. I will admit it can be more time consuming. But I am use to meal prepping and taking time. You absolutely get better quality meals.
    "As far as the protein per serving," it depends on the person. Some people can absorb hire amounts of protein than others. Such as body builders training often, compared to coach potato. But I have heard is you can get to much in a meal, just like anything else. Some say 30grams per meal, but it varies from person to person. Everybody is unique and your body can change over time. But if you want to build muscle intake more protein. If your getting heavier/fatter, cut back.

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