Meat Recipes

Hella Good Vegan Recipes for Meat Lovers!

Whether you love meat or are a happy vegan, you’ll love these delicious vegan recipes. Which one do you want to try first? Click here for the recipes for these …

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  1. Thank you for this. I am a meat eater but am trying to be more healthy, lose weight, and be the best I can be…. meatless is going to be a new thing for my family so…we need all the help we can get. Thank you!

  2. LABEL READING VEGANS…Read the ingredients on these faux meat products for chemical processes and additives, no point eating healthy if you're devouring poisons which is why unhealthy vegans exist. Skip DIABETIC vegan white enriched flours, sugar and rice and non organic products full of Roundup pesticides and lose the PROCESSED oils period for Coconut, Avocado or EVOO, maybe RED palm oil and seed oils but they need to be unrefined too so cold/expeller pressed organic only or you may as well eat PIG…ijs

  3. The fishless filets remind me so much of Gordon's fish sticks, and they're way better!
    My non-vegan fiance also enjoys them, so that's a huge plus!

    Thoroughly excited to try the recipes for him and myself!

  4. I’ve tried so many vegan recipes, different restaurants, etc. I just can’t eat all vegan. I love eating meat but as a super taster, I can tell a difference. I’ll just stick with my animal meat, but interesting recipes for people who are vegan!

  5. This is the brand I buy. I love the meatless ground,I use it for a lot of recipes,like Speghatti sauce,my favorite use: it's also delicious in lentil soup. (My non vegan son love the soup and can't tell,it's not groundbeef or turkey).😆😁
    I've never seen the fish less fillet, but I'm going to search for it.
    I've had vegan chicken nuggets, not sure from what brand,but yummy!
    Thanks for the knowledge and recipes.

  6. How healthy are these Gardein products? I mainly and recently went vegan for health reasons and I know processed meats are bad so I'm trying to gauge these processed vegan products? Like when is it too much? I like to try and make meals that last throughout the week too due to my busy schedule.

  7. Nice video , I try to eat vegetarian/vegan several times a week. In my experience, vegan versions of meat, dairy, etc do not come close. Vegans always say it's just as good if not better but that's just people trying to fool themselves. When I choose to go veggie/vegan I just skip the animal products all together, I can't pretend….also most substitutes end up being fried anyway, they usually have either fats sugars or salt to make them taste decent. If your vegan for health/heart reasons, it defeats the purpose to a point, but if ur vegan for purely ethical reasons, fry away, I guess. The Gardein stuff is not so bad.

  8. Looks delicious! I am excited because I just ordered your cookbook! I am wary of trying the meat substitutes, I find it hard to believe they will taste just as good so I avoid them . Do people out there really think they taste as good as meat???

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