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Make your lunches exciting with these healthy vegan lunches from Monday to Friday. Easy, delicious, budget-friendly and using just 10 main ingredients! Vegan …

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  1. Hi, friends! Head to the description box for a PDF with the grocery list + full recipes for these vegan lunches. And comment below with which of these meals you’d like to try first, your favorite easy lunch to make, or what video you’d like to see next!

  2. I made all these recipes and they are super!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I’m delighted to discover new foods and spices!!! Thank you so very much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thank you for this video! I'm looking for easy food to make at my work and studies all day life style 😆
    But, as an middle easter (from Israel) to add hummus to food sounds so WRONG lol
    I really should try it some day 😉

  4. If you use Kosher salt or Sea Salt, keep in mind that they do not contain iodine, and iodine is one of the two things that vegans need to keep an eye on (the other is b12 of course). You can take an iodine supplement, eat some dulse or other seaweed (but not hijiki because it absorbs environmental toxins) a couple of times a week, or use an iodized salt for some of your meals.

  5. Like the recipes and knowledge. The one thing that bothered me was your use of the word chemical with the onion. Everything is a chemical and the fear of the word “chemical” just adds to a fear/disgust of science. Chemicals are molecules, whether naturally produced or synthetically made.

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