Healthy Tuna Salad Recipe | How To Make A Low Calorie Low Fat High Protein Tuna Salad

How To Make Healthy Tuna Fish Salad – Easy Recipe Instructions: In a medium sized bowl add… 1 (5oz) Can drained and rinsed tuna fish 1-2 Chopped celery …

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  1. i just made This for my mom and I and maaannnnn I tell yah😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 awesome recipe!! thank you! I feel less guilty seeing that not much mayo in this..Thank you again!#lovefromtheVirginIslands!!

  2. Hi Diet Chef, 

    Really enjoy this recipe, it's helping me a lot, to cut weight happily! Do you think chicken would work as a nice tasting replacement, for the tuna?

  3. Love the video! Do you think you could make a healthier version of Alfredo sauce?:) I'm known for my sauce! But….holy moley, the calories have to be crazy when I make it from scratch.

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