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Healthy Snacks | with Joie Chavis and Chef Pilar

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share a few healthy snack recipes with you all – especially right before the holidays. Aussie Bites: 1 cup Oat flour 1 cup Oats 1/2 c …

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  1. I made the kale chips earlier this week and ate up the whole tray. I just got done making the Aussie bites and they are soooo good! About to go buy cauliflower today and try the buffalo cauliflower

  2. Yeah ummm the chef is kinda weird , nervous maybe because she kept messing up 🤷🏻‍♀️ overall she did a good job but better attitude next time maybe , joie attitude is always a plus ❤️

  3. Just got thru making the kale chips and the Buffalo cauliflower and this shit is HITTING!!! I went a little salt happy on the kale chips but they still came out BOMB 😋

  4. Your channel is literally bomb! The name itself is great. With that being said you should go all over the place. Love seeing all the healthy eating and fitness content, but would also love to see just everyday things. Getting your hair braided! Bcus that is just the trend now, dance vids. Like all of your dance vids, just everyday stuff. Congratulations & thanks for the content🤗

  5. This is for the rich folks snacks..
    Chile even the salt and pepper motorized shakers…can yall do snacks that you can buy from foodtown or krogers. Cuz chileeee

  6. I love how real this was. Especially when Joie asked about the raisins and you didn’t cut it out. I definitely want to make the Aussie bites. My only critique would be that next time Joie is more hands on but keep doing your thing girl❣️

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