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Healthy Snacks For Truckers

Healthy eating for truckers: We’ve had several requests from drivers asking, ‘Can you do a video …

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  1. If you drive through Wisconsin or some of the surrounding states, Kwik Trip has good, healthy food. It’s the only truck stop that I’ve found that actually has healthy food options.

  2. Great video! I remember when full service restaurants and cafeterias were common at truck stops and offered a variety for a sit down meal once in a while. Today, You get the choice of a Submarine sandwich or a Submarine sandwich. LOL

  3. High protein products are the best.
    But Note: Be very careful on the amount of sugar intake.and keep it as low as possible. And do not trust the "NO Suger Added" on the package.
    Example #1: No sugar added Heinz katsup has the same amount of sugar as regular Katsup.
    Example #2 Boost has sugar in the ingredients but is not listed on the Nutrition Guide on the Box with 28grams of sugar in each bottle (that is more then a can of pop)
    NOTE: Artificial sweeteners are sugar in a different form.

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