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Healthy School Breakfast Ideas: Fall Edition!

YAYY!! Thumbs up for more health videos!! 🙂 check out the WINTER EDITION!

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  1. if you use a crockpot for apple sauce its so much easier, u can just throw apples, a small amount of water, and any spices u like or sweetener and just walk away and when you come back like 4hrs later u have sauce perfectly made and u can keep cooking it to your desired softness

  2. hey i love you so much Cambria Joy, you rock i love watching your healthy eating recipes videos. I've tried so MANY OF THEM. Also i you are so beautiful without much makeup and having you hair up in a bun, so don't even think you look bad. In conclusion I LOVE YOU.

  3. I love that you added a PDF printable version of the recipes I was extremely useful and helpful thank you so much I love when people put recipes down at the bottom or at least a link to print it !

  4. @Cambria Joy soooo I definitely think you should make a recipe book ! I <3 all of your recipes and it would be so much easier to have a book to look at  ! I've been subscribed for YEARS. & <3 your channel and vlog channel , keep it up! xoxoxoxo

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