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Healthy Recipes – Acai Bowl Recipe – Easy | Dr Mona Vand

I wanted to make this quick video on acai for a couple reasons. 1 – it can actually be a very heavy, unhealthy meal if you don’t know what to look for or ask when …

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  1. people eat açaí bowls/ smoothie bowls as an alternative to a breakfast like pancakes or something, this “too much sugar” mentality is ridiculous because this is not even catering to what our body needs. what u made looks gross and not filling for even my 4 year old sister. but to each it’s own i guess

  2. So many haters in the comments, geez. All she's saying is that some acai bowls from smoothie places contain added (i.e refined, processed, no fiber) sugar to their bowls which adds empty calories and many people don't realize that. Sometimes the sugar is added in the form of honey, maple syrup, or agave. Yes, these are technically 'unrefined' but they do not contain fiber and only add extra calories. Honey and agave are particularly sneaky because of the high amounts of fructose. Fructose in fruit is different because fruit has fiber and other nutrients so its not digested the same way as honey or agave. The point she's making is that people think they're being healthy but they don't realize how much all the extra honey, maple syrup, agave, sweetened granola, or the sheer amount of fruit (like her 4 bananas example) really adds up.

    She literally said she doesn't have a problem with sugar in fruit. Where did she say people should be scared of eating fruit because of the sugar? She just advised people not to go overboard, as in, don't drink 4 bananas in a smoothie if you wouldn't actually eat 4 bananas in 1 sitting or eat 4 whole bananas in the course of a day. That's good advice. And it goes for ANYTHING, not just fruit.

    Also, how is this bowl sad? She'd rather not drink the equivalent of a pound of fruit for breakfast, what's wrong with that? A lot of people don't even eat breakfast at all or just have coffee and maybe a granola bar. At least she's having something. The toppings look pretty standard too. Who gives a shit if its 'boring', it doesn't have to be Instagram Perfect to taste good or have 10 different ingredients in it to be good for you.

  3. Refined sugar messes with hormones and sugar should always be only the daily intake. Each person has there own amount of sugar that is needed. Not everyone takes the same amount of anything. Fruits and veggies have natural sugar that is made differently and it does not count towards your daily intake.

  4. Sugar in general is unhealthy, that’s true, but when you eat naturally occurring sugars in conjunction with a good amount of fiber, it’s much easier for your body to process in a way that’s not going to have as much of a negative impact as eating pure sugar by itself. For example, it’s better to add whole fruits that are higher in sugars than it is to add a sweetener (granulated sugar, maple syrup, etc), and considering that you’re getting vitamins and nutrients along with that sugar, it’s definitely not a loss.

    I think people get unnecessarily scared by all this when they don’t know all the biology behind it (ofc what I’m saying still isn’t in much detail), but sugar is not your enemy. Leave that in the late 20th century. But of course- moderation is key, like with anything else!

  5. Y’all don’t listen to this crap! All fruits have natural sugars called fructose! The processed fruit sugar is what toy don’t want called high fructose corn syrup! Now most ppl sweetened their açaí with agave which is very good!

  6. I for sure stay away from sugar because I'm diabetic. Thanks for this video! One thing I normally do instead of banana is use avocado because it has that rich flavor similar to banana. I call bananas and avocados "buffers" for smoothies. Btw same here with the vitamix. I love how smooth it makes things. I have a nutribullet but it's usually it I just want something quick on the run. I also add a small amount of pure stevia extract. Not the processed stuff that has chemicals and maltodextrin but comes right off the leaf. Great info!

  7. Acai, triple mixed berries, maybe like 1/4 cup or lil more of milk, spoon of plain greek yogurt, KIND granola, non sweet coconut and a spoon of almond butter is my mix. I don't really add any sweet because the amount of berries is enough.

    I'll go under serving sizes for my toppings cause it feels a lot if I did I think..sometimes I will break up 3 pieces of a dark chocolate endangered species bar, not the milk bars but just the 80%+ cocoa ones. Maybe I could add some honey if I want.

  8. Why do you guys mix the açaí with other stuff? I mean, the frozen stuff you get in the US is already low quality, watery açaí… If you blend it with other stuff like that, all those antioxidants are furthet reduced… True thick açaí is creamy, not smoothie-stuff, and it looks a deep purple colour, almost black. You can still get good quality if you put only açaí and a sweetener into the blender and keep mixing for about 10 minutes.

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