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HEALTHY EATING ON A BUDGET | 10 grocery shopping tips to save money

Learn to eat healthy on a budget! Here are my 10 best tips for making healthy eating more affordable. Grocery shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. You can …

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  1. My tips are: shop at Lidl they have an organics section that's not so pricy, if you can grow a garden make a list of items you eat the most or most used herbs, (you can grow all the mint you need for mojitos) and write out your meals for the week and weekend that way you only buy what you'll need and if you have anything left over it can be used either during the week or the next week.

  2. well i did learn i could freeze my baby spinach which i have had trouble finding out if i could on the internet. oddly every place says no or cook or blanche it first. anyway thank you for that the other things were pretty much the same as other places. but its always good to hear them again. also if people are going to sign up for amazon prime they need to make sure its available for the grocery deliveries in their area. it is not where i live and it was a waste of time to have prime for me. even the prime video was bad the only things i wanted to see that they had required you to still pay more than the prime fee it was just bad. you can search and get almost anything with free shipping if you look hard enough. thank you for the tips i would love to know what those bags you are using are called although im not much of one for washing bags to use again.

  3. Budget is a relative term. It also depends where you live. I live in Canada. A small bunch of kale is $4.00, an avocado is $2.00, grass fed beef …. well that would be probably $26 a pound for a tough cut. Yes, eating pulses, beans and tofu can help the budget. But, I suspect this is filmed in California and certainly not even remotely understanding the little budget most people have. BTW make your own oat milk it is far cheaper than nut milks.

  4. Thanks Lisa for your reply. I joined your Facebook group , answered the question and received the welcome notice, but there was nothing to open fb. I have enjoyed many of your YouTube program and would like to learn more. Do you have a recipe book for sale. Thanks.

  5. Did I see Dansk enameled cast iron pot? I love that too. I remember it wasn't included in your list of recommended pots. Would you add it? How do feel about Lodge enamelware? I could possibly afford that. Thank you!

  6. I am fortunate that a family member is way into improved eating. They buy a steer and have it grass fed before butchering. Then they invited me to purchase some of the burger. I eat organic poultry most of the time and plant based. I really like lentils, and limit red meat to twice per week. I make it a priority to eat fish including salmon weekly. I enjoy your channel. Thanks and please keep sharing. I started looking at YouTube videos about meals, prepping and diet menus. Some of them are so lacking in nutrition. It is just silly. I just watched one where a young woman started her meal prep for her diet plan with a sugar syrup cooked and then bathed her Salmon in it! Ridiculous. I try to be mindful of calories, but not obsessed and plan 400 calorie meals for a few diet days each week. It is working and I am losing. Thanks again.

  7. For me, if I have a plan I waste less and buy less. It takes time-something I’m still working on but as I add to my go-to’s I’m thinking it is helping. Plus-use the freezer to freeze in-season fruits/vegetables. I invest in blueberries and peaches in season every summer. Didn’t know I could freeze spinach right out of the container. That’s a game changer as it always goes bad on me. Thanks!

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