Healthy Desserts For Christmas | vegan, easy paleo dessert recipes


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  1. The pecan bars are so good!! This is my third time making them and I just found out about this recipe two weeks ago. I love your channel! Me and my family can't get enough of your recipes!

  2. I just made the pecan pie bars. Oh my god. You can’t even tell these are healthy! I’ve always been a huge fan of pecan pie anything, but I’ve never made it at home because of the amount of butter, sugar, and unhealthy ingredients it required. But this… omg. Tomorrow I’m making triple batch. My family LOVED them! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  3. This is the channel I didn’t know I needed!! No bull shit in these videos, I love it! Keep it up. Simplistic yet effective and super healthy. You gained a subscriber 😆😆😆

  4. Unless you've already done it, i think a cool blogpost or video from you would be must have things for moving into a new place for thr first time. I recently moved out and its hard to know all the things you NEED for essential cooking/baking

  5. I tried your Berry Thumbprint Cookies from the last video and they were SO good! I love that you use almond flour in a lot of these recipes because it's my fave! These all look delicious.

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