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Healthy Chickpea/Channa Salad Recipe For Weight Loss -Easy Dinner Salad Recipes To Lose Weight Fast-

chickpea-sweet potato salad recipe for weight loss, dinner/lunch salad recipe to lose weight fast, skinny recipes for weight loss. cooking in cast iron pan helps in …

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  1. Hi Mam,
    Inspired by you, I brought a cast iron Tawa lately. During my research, I saw blogs saying tomato and lemon items should not be cooked in cast iron, since citric acid reacts with iron. I am confused about this, please help me with your comments.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Will it turn black after cooking in cast iron
    Bcs I have normal iron kadai and after cooking in that kadai my vegetables gets black which I don't like will u suggest me good quality of kadai and cooker

  3. Mam I have a question pls .Does pink Himalayan salt contain iodine ?And is it essential that we use salt that contains iodine only .Have been having this doubt since long

  4. I’m trying this recipe for the second time now. And believe me, it tastes so amazing! I’m not a fan of salads. But this one for sure has become my favorite!

  5. One doubt…. Should we wash the rice chana legumes etc after soaking and cook them in fresh water… don't they lose nutrient value this way.. and secondly if you can suggest from where we can buy cast iron pans…. Thanks

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