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Gordon Ramsay's Simple At Home Recipes | Gordon Ramsay | Part One

Some quick & easy recipes to change things up while in you’re at home. #GordonRamsay #Cooking Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit …

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy Gordon when he:s cooking at home with his family.
    He has tried to help failing restaurants and most of the powers didn't appreciate his help., So they all can go to the place where the sun doesn't shine. Gordon is the BEST chef in the world.

  2. I love the familial mature wrinkles on Gordon's and Mum's chin, face. Any effort to hide this with cosmetic intervention takes away from the beauty of the person, in my opinion. Best thing you can do is teach your children to cook.

  3. The best thing Gordon Ramsey ever did was, marry his beautiful wife. He better hold on to her with both of his hands. BElIEVE me he'll never be able to find a woman who don't want spotlight,any body else would want to be front and center! She's gorgeous, selfless, strong, independent, and knows her worth!!

  4. For those of you who didn’t understand the joke about the cats in the race:

    There is 2 cats one called under 12 and the other called 1,2,3 and the question which of the cats would win a race.

    The 1,2,3 cat sank
    In French the number 4 is pronounced as cat and number five in pronounced as sank. The 1,2,3 cat sank and lost the race.

    Btw 4 in French is spelt quarte and 5 is spelt cinq

  5. It’s ignorant to assume “whites” are homogenous. White history month isn’t celebrated everyday? Which whites do you mean? That’s a fallacious statement. Just as blacks have different ethnicities

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