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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Basic Cooking Skills | Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon Ramsay demonstrates some basic cooking skills as well as some easy to do recipes. Including pork chops with sweet and sour peppers, pan-fried …

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  1. Hi Gordon, thank you for teaching this.
    But I have a question for you for future video's.
    I'm deadly allergic to pepper spices, so no black, white, red, purple ,cayenne, paprika, sage, or poultry seasoning. Or mixed spices.
    I found that Clubhouse Italian Seasoning with the red lid only contains dehydrated vegetable peppers instead of, is what I use instead of. But can have vegetable peppers, just not the hot ones. Also for paprika ,I use turmeric instead.
    I'm also deadly allergic to ginger in either vegetable or spice form.
    Along with watermelon, raisins, canoil oil, crab, or immitation crab which is made up of cod, halibut, & pollack, also found out I can't have tuna or sole fish. I can eat walleye, trout, salmon, pickereal, & catfish.
    I can eat lobster, shrimp, & scallops, just when cooking, or in restaurants I need to ask them to please cook separately. I get a mixed reaction when I do though. A lot of the times they will tell me no, or they will make it for me. Other times, they get extremely pissed off at me, after I tell them about my allergies, or tell me sorry we are not changing anything on their menu for me. So I need to find other places to eat, while the rest of the party eats with the others. It gets very frustrating when trying to find safe places to eat. Or I find sometimes it is easier for me to phone ahead to see what I can eat, especially if I haven't been to that restaurant before. I also carry 2 epi. pens with me.
    Ex. I went to a restaurant, with a friend. I asked the lady at the counter what was in the cream of cauliflower cheese soup, & the chicken salad sandwich. I told her about my deadly allergy to pepper spices. She said the soup didn't have any pepper in it. But the chicken salad had pepper in the special sauce . I said ok. Do you have Miracle Whip. She said yes. I said when you make it, could you instead of the special sauce, could you use the Miracle Whip instead. She said ok. She passed the order over to another girl whom was making the sandwich, telling her about my deadly allergy to pepper. She said ok. They were close to where we were sitting so I heard her tell the other girl this. But when she made the chicken salad, she put both the sauces into the sandwich. I took one bite, & my throat starting closing immediately. I was turning blue, & purple, red & coughing trying to clear my airway. I'm grabbing for my epi pen, sticking it in me, through my pants, grabbing my puffer to trying to get some air in my throat, & lungs.
    I was told after, everybody in the restaurant, meaning the other customers was taking out their phones for a ambulance. But not one of the staff came over to see if I needed help, or if they could help in anyway. My friend was rushing me to the hospital shortly after this happened. I was lucky I used my epi. pen, & puffer, I was told at the hospital, that a few seconds more, & that little bit of pepper in the sauce could have killed me.
    I'm trying to get others to listen to their customers when they tell you they are deadly allergic to something to listen. And please work around their allergies. It might save a life, or prevent something deadly from happening. This also applies to cooking appliances, utensils, cutting boards, etc. That can be cross contaminated from something. I always ask for what is in everything especially going out for a meal.
    Also I'm also wondering what you, Gordon would use instead of for my deadly allergies.
    For the canoil oil, I use either vegetable oil, or olive oil instead of.
    I love to cook, bake, & can my own food. So looking for alternatives for things I can't use.
    Also have awareness about others that have deadly allergies. I'm also, with the help of the company that deals with deadly allergies ,just can't remember how to spell the word. Just starts with an. With changing labelling different foods. Naming spices used. Not amounts, just stating that it contains pepper, sage, organo, etc. I know of 4 others that also allergic to pepper spices in my part of the country, along with others that are also deadly allergic to other spices.

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  4. Made the Porkchops and sweet and sour onions. I almost cried. I’m not even that good of a cook, and it tasted delicious. I didn’t even have all of the ingredients. Where has this been all my life.

  5. Sir Gordon, watching the very first minutes of this video i could already feel the passion you have for cooking, its great listening to you when you talk about what you're doing. Calm, passionate, confident – 'beautiful!' 😉

  6. Probably a stupid question. But wouldn't the meat be cold by the time you'll serve it after letting it rest?
    Or how do you ensure it will stay on a nice temperature for serving.

  7. They just shut down his buddies restaurant in the Villages! ( vomit palace ) ( Guy Fariy ) My work boss braggs about his competition cause he worked for Sonnys for a month! Then I got Rashad ( Big Lees ) tank outside my house! ( he is good, I m better ) o.k. I worked 25 years in Grocery! Whoo who! Grogery! ( that'll work ) geeze these people in the South they think they are Gods gift to the Weber! HERE AM I! GODDAMN iam projectile vomiting Ramsay! Definitely over your buddies puke shit Guy Ferri went out 'cause his food made ( me ) vomit! God his food sucked! O.k. i worked for Safeway and King Soopers! I interacted, and listened to my coustomers! I explain my employment to Grandson and he is like oh, you worked in a Grocery store! Yea but it don't compare to your 2 months at Sonny's . Geeze I cooked my food according to what Mamn told me she was cooking it, right? Here let me show you where that is on the asile shelf!

    I would love to go up against my bosses grandson! And ANY employee of Sonnys and I wNt the vomit King to eat my food! I am not Flash Frozen Microwave kitchen Chef! ( American Panel )

  8. Ramsey is a good cook and I do watch his cooking a lot 👌🏾. I'm here grinding as hard as I can, let's keep each other accountable to try our best each and every day. I'm not even at 200 yet but l'll get to 1000 before the end of the year!
    Stay safe everyone and enjoy cooking 😘

  9. Awesome instruction. I'm not really qualified (at all) to criticize, but I don't think lemon zest (or even juice) on fresh scallops is a very good idea. Maybe on less-than-fresh to cover smell

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