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Gluten Free Sponge Cake

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  1. YES, NO BAKING POWDER NEEDED!!! I will stop experimenting this gluten free sponge cake any further. This is the best result I can get so far. The ingredients of this recipe stay what it is. Don’t ask me for any substitute, or whether you may change the ingredients. It is what it is at this stage. You are welcome to take this recipe and experiment it further on your own and take it to another level. I won’t experiment or make anymore gluten free recipes, unless this video hit 500 000 views. Consider the amount of time, work and money I spend on this experiment. If you think you know better or saw a better version of this gluten free sponge, I am really happy for you and you are not obligated to stay and watch this video. Be grateful, show some respect and manners before commenting. Be a better version of yourself. I wish you all the luck and success.

  2. I've just made this and it was awesome! Soft and fluffy.. but it took me longer baking time. No one ever know this is gluten free if it's not me who spill the beans.. thank you Michael!!

  3. Amazing recipe thank you!! Made for my Mum’s birthday who is coeliac. Her favourite cake was always sponge, jam & fresh cream and she hadn’t had a sponge cake in over 20 years! She loved it! Thank you for your efforts in experimenting and creating this recipe!! 😃

  4. Aloha Micheal!
    OMG This recipe is amazing!!! Thank you very much for sharing!
    It’s my daughter’s 21st birthday today and my husband is gluten free, so I used your recipe.
    So successful and can’t tell it’s gluten free, but even better!
    We finished whole cake because so good!
    My brother-in-law said no calorie in birthday cake. 😂. Thank you

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