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Gluten Free Almond cake / 4 ingredient Almond cake / Asheescookbook

One of the easiest gluten free , soft,moist cake prepared with less ingredients…mildly sweet best to have with a cup of tea…. its so soft and fluffy that you wont …

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  1. I made it today …. I tried a small piece to see how it came out then my landlord finished all the cake….Thanks for sharing your recipe…we love it

  2. I tried this by adding a teaspoon of baking powder and a little bit of shredded coconut. It turned out really soft and flavour full. Also I reduced the amount of sugar to half and instead added a little bit of maple syrup. I would definitely do this again. Only down side is that, the cake size is pretty small. But it would last as my tea time snack for a couple of days.

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