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Full Episode Fridays: Breakfast in Bed – 3 Easy Breakfast Recipes

There’s nothing like sleeping in and staying in your PJs all day long. Today Paula’s servin’ breakfast in bed! Click here to SUBSCRIBE to my channel: …

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  1. Mrs Paula I think you are a souther trickster and I love the many vegetable ideas you are sharing with us because I love spinach and zucchini but don’t have any recipes that would inspire me to eat more veggies.

  2. To think I actually remember seeing this episode when it originally aired in 2006. Also, the dutch pancake AND spice cake at the same time??!!?!?!?? I'd go into a diabetic coma for a week!

  3. I just love you and mike you both r great love your show you guys r the Best I am from North Dakota if I ever make it to you hometown can I come an learn to make biscuits and pie crust it scares me you r a great teacher, just let me know thank you doll

  4. The Dutch apple pancake looks delish. Which is the best way to make it? The way the recipe in your link says….pour the batter in a heated pan, bake, then top with the apples, or the way it was done in the video? If pouring the batter over the apples works better, how long do you bake it?

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